4 nov. 2018

Ohhh, winter time is arriving!

Since July, I took part to some events (Eurobike, Merida Golbal, Launch, End of Season), I made some nice trips (USA & Papua New Guinea) and made an intersting stop at Dakine HQ in Oregon.

For the riding, I had good times in the alps (Switzerland, Austria & France) and in Utah & Colorado. I also had a shooting in Switzerland with Pattrice Schreyer. You can download the picture for your desktop ;-)

The highlight of the summer was probably the trip to Papua New Guinea with unforgettalbe people and a country made for adventure that I shared with Hansueli Spitznagel!
Now, it's time to spent more time at home, building new lines at the home spot and waiting for the powder...

26 juillet 2018

Summer is busy ! I've been to the Bike Days, to the opening bike park in Les 2 Alpes, to Passportes, visiting SR Suntour, TSG and Merida and riding a lot in the alps (Austria, France, Switzerland, Italy). And it's not over...

16 mai 2018

Season start looks good, but it's better not to go to high. Here in Italy (Val d 'Aosta) at 2'000 meters.

26 avril 2018

The last 2 months, I spent a lot of time in the Alps with my snwoboard and also in Japan.

Then, I had a great trip scouting in Argentina.

And now I'm just enjoying the real start of the season in Switzerland. I had 2 good days of shuttles with Exoride.