2 jan. 2018

Happy New Year !

We had a real good start of winter in Europe. I enjoyed it in Switzerland and at the end of December in Austria. I'm back in Switzerland waiting for the big storm.

19 nov. 2017

Transition from bike season to winter is on the way. I had very good riding during my october trip to Italy, Austria, Slovenja, Germany and Switzerland. It's also a good season to work at the homespot and spend time with friends. 

 Jamnica, Slovenja


Bischofsmais, Germany

Good times with friends

13 sept. 2017

One busy month... Happy to have a little bit more time for me after: 

Trip to Norway


Some guiding

and waking up with the snow last sunday.
Now, it's time to prepare the next trip for october ;-)

2 août 2017

I had good times @ Merida Global Product Launch in Germany. 

Time now to enjow swiss trails before the next trip!